CRE(8)TIVE HEADZ | Create your own unique characters and portrait designs


Welcome to CRE(8)TIVE HEADZ

This course is going to show you how to dive in to the creative process and conceive portrait drawings from nothing. I call it Cre8tive Headz, and my biggest goal is to help you break out and start creating some of your own unique portraits.

Inside I'll give you 4 keys to unlock greater creative expression with your art that will give you a clear plan forward so you don't get lost in artistic quicksand. I'll help you focus on specific things to get the creative outcomes you want more often by providing a framework that assists your creative thought process as well as gives you practical mechanics to get your idea out of your head and onto the paper all the while overcoming fears you may have in with the artistic process. I will help you not just do drawings but become a visionary (in your own unique way)

If you've ever wanted to be creative with your drawings but didn’t know how to start. Or, You felt the task was too big, you got overwhelmed and quit. Or maybe you are pretty good at drawing realistic portraits but struggle with making things up and you wish u could be more “creative” then this course is for you.


14 video files    3 hours of video content

Draw Your Original CRE(8)TIVE HEAD


CRE(8)TIVE HEADZ Assignment:

1st find your backstory from a book, dream, thought or real life event, and create a mood board. 2nd pick one emotion that you want to communicate. 3rd find photo reference that has the subject matter you need.

Then, use pencil, charcoal or pastel to draw your CRE(8)TIVE HEAD.

Also, feel free to join the CRE(8)TIVE HEADZ Facebook Group  and request to join to show your work, get feedback and encourage others

Thanks for your support by the way. And if you want to know more please visit me online here:

Chris Petrocchi | Draw Jucie Studio

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1 mindset and framework
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Story 1
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Story 2
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Rendering 1
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Rendering 2
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Rendering 3
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Throwing Down Chaos !
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CH Tools TO Get Started
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step 1 Raw Materials
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Step 2
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step 3
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Cre8tive Headz demo 2 smallest
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