Chris Petrocchi
Chris Petrocchi
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Christopher Petrocchi
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Senior Concept and Storyboard Artist: Game | Television | Film
Experienced professional with more than 20 years of progressive achievement as a concept and storyboard artist for video game design and animation. Participated in the creative development of multiple major games, including Lair, Spore, The Godfather, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Recognized for leadership, thriving under pressure, punctual on strict deadlines and balancing multiple assignments and projects concurrently. Passion for working collaboratively with designers and engineers to create engaging characters and environments and bring an artistic vision to life. Advanced skill with traditional artistic concepts, including perspective, color theory, and composition, as well as excellent understanding of human and non-human anatomy. Excellent organization and communication skills.
• Concept, Storyboard Art
• Game, TV, Film Industries
• Animation, Illustration • Employee Management
• Course Development
• Delivering Presentations • International Travel
• Relationship Building
• Project Leadership

TECHNOLOGY: Photoshop CC, Painter X1, Zbrush 4R7, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Unity

Concept and Storyboard Artist
• Design concept and storyboard artwork for clients in game development, television, and film.
• Ensure designs align with creative and storytelling goals of the client, transforming their vision to reality.
Key Achievements
• Launched two successful online e-commerce shops to develop online presence and sell art products.
• Created YouTube channel to offer professional knowledge to community through instruction and advice.
• Authored and published art book focused on portrait drawing and stories about travels in China.

WALT DISNEY FAMILY MUSEUM, San Francisco, CA 2016 – 2017
Art Instructor
• Wrote course material and taught foundations of drawing, and digital background painting for games and film.
• Fostered atmosphere of supportive challenge, enabling development of insightful, collaborative ideas.
• Cooperated with a team to fulfill mission of the museum to deliver a quality, inspired experience for Students and visitors.

DETAO GROUP MASTERS ACADEMY, San Francisco, CA | Shanghai, China 2015 – 2016
Course Developer
• Designed course for a 4 year bachelor degree program in visual engineering and entertainment art.
• Authored instructional materials, creating engaging course content to ensure effective learning experience.

ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY, San Francisco, CA 2011 – 2016
• Taught multiple courses for the Illustration department, including Visual Development for Entertainment
Arts in the Game department, as well as Clothed Figure Drawing, Figure Drawing, Heads and Hands.

Figure Drawing Instructor
• Provided figure drawing instruction at the advanced and intermediate levels for animation department.
• Critiqued artwork both technically and conceptually, challenging students to become better artists.

CONCEPT ART HOUSE, San Francisco, CA | Shanghai, China 2009 – 2011
Art Director, Concept Artist
• Liaised between China and U.S. American team to direct a team of 12 Chinese artists for multiple projects.
• Worked with major clients, including Lucas Arts (Star Wars), ngmoco, Sony Online Entertainment, Cryptic Studios
(Star Trek Online), Blizzard, Activision, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Upper Deck and Wizards of the West Coast.
THREE GORGES UNIVERSITY, Yichang, PRC, China 2007 – 2009
English Instructor

FACTOR 5, San Rafael, CA 2006
Storyboard Artist, Lair Video Game
• Produced storyboards for cut scene cinematics from the script as well as IGC’s for in-game play.
• Worked effectively under stringent time constraints, consistently meeting production deadlines.

ELECTRONIC ARTS, Redwood Shores and San Francisco, CA 2003 – 2006
Concept Artist, Spore Video Game (2006)
• Designed conceptual art for every planet’s environment, including flora, fauna, rocks, and water.
• Developed style sheets to demonstrate solutions and ensure consistent design for the planets.

Environmental and Lead Character Concept Artist, The Godfather (2004 – 2006)
• Oversaw the creation of more than 200 hero and non-player character paintings and drawings.
• Meticulously captured the look and feel of the time period, including authentic clothing and props.
• Collaborated closely with director to gain an understanding of his vision and goals for the project.
• Painted and designed hundreds of full color paintings, sketches, and comps that contributed to both
the level design and game play, and established the overall atmosphere and quality of the game.

Concept Artist, Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King (2003)
• Produced line and tonal drawings for the environment, architecture, props, and characters.
• Generated texture and detail drawings over 3D block models to give model a realistic appearance.

THQ, IMAGINENGINE, San Francisco, CA 2002 – 2003
Art Director, Rugrats Go Wild Video Game
• Managed prop and environment design, animation, and storyboards for cut scene and in-game cinematics.
• Directed team of animators in Bulgaria by providing artistic leadership for animation, overseeing production of painted backgrounds, coordinating schedules, and ensuring requirements for time and quality were met.

CURIOUS PICTURES, San Francisco, CA 1997 – 1999
Animation Director, H.B.O. Series “A Little Curious”
Key Assistant Animator, Nike , Clorox, Carl’s Jr., United Airlines and MTV Commercials

WILD BRAIN, San Francisco, CA 1996 – 1997
Layout Artist, Fern Gully 2 and National Tire and Battery Layouts
• Created layouts on paper to establish camera moves, camera start and stop positions, rotation, timing
for pans, cranes, push ins and outs, framing of the shot, and staging of characters from the storyboards.
A.A., LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE, College of San Mateo
FANTASY ART MAGAZINE, 2008 and 2011, Expose 9 Ballistic Publications, 2011
CONCEPT ART LECTURE, Shanghai Toy and Game Convention, Shanghai, China, 2009
CONCEPT ART LECTURE, Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art Beijing, China, 2009
CONCEPT ART PRESENTATION, ACE Animation Conference Fuzhou, China, 2012


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