Portrait Drawing: How to Get A Likeness


WHAT YOU GET INSIDE: 2 video lectures on getting a likeness drawing portraits, 1 digital painting demo and 1 step by step assignment to help you START GETTING RESULTS TODAY! In the first video I demonstrate and explain 7 keys to achieving a likeness.  In the second I demonstrate those keys while drawing over my students portrait to correct it. These tips will automatically give it a likeness with your portrait drawings and paintings. It's not magic it's just process!

With respect to portraiture you can bet that one of the more challenging in portraiture as achieving a likeness  John Singer Sargent: "a portrait is a picture where there is Just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth".  He also said: Every time I paint a portrait I lose a close friend." Honest words with some humor sprinkled in. 

But When drawing a face you don't always have to achieve a likeness. It depends on the goal for the drawing.  'It may just be that you want a beautiful drawing that reflects your creative vision' and so moving all the elements into the exact position to achieve a likeness may compromise your unique artistic vision and overall goal.

But you may want to go further than just getting your portrait to look human. You may want to go through the demanding task of getting it to look like someone specific. It might be because you want to challenge yourself and see if your skills are up to the task or it may be that you have a commission by a client to paint their friend or relative. So, how do we do it?

To get a likeness you have structural and proportional knowledge of the head. If you know then you are not married to copying.

The temptation is to try to draw the specific features right out of the gate. However, the first thing you must do is lay a good foundation. Mapping out the proportions and placement of the forms and features is essential for this task.

I will show you the 2 main problems to avoid and how to fix them: sizing and proportion. And I will give you 7 clean and practical steps to start building your ability to get a likeness with our portraits. I will cover the  concept of the generic head, the centerline, implied perspective, sighting angles, the plumb-line and the box.

Also included is a painting demo and an assignment to help you tackle the practical aspects of the points presented in the vides.

Sound good? Let's get started!!

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Chris Petrocchi | Draw Jucie Studio

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Added a digital painting demo featuring my thoughts on painting and ArtRage software.

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