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Essence: Discovering the art of the portrait   by Chris Petrocchi (Draw Juice)

“As instructive as it is beautifully insightful”

This 114 page book 7 years in the making features my digital and traditional art compiled over many years. There is beautiful charcoal portraiture with step-by-step instructions and detailed notes on the process as well as my thoughts on creativity and how to begin creating character concept for games. 

Personal anecdotes and impressions are included about the people I met while living in China for 4 years as well as obstacles I encountered producing my art there. That makes it a perfect blend of art, portrait art instruction and conversation starter.

The Hook

When the representative of foreign affairs called me from Three Gorges University of Yichang China to offer me a teaching position I packed my bags and arrived within two weeks. I thought I would be teaching English and pursuing the love of my life. Instead, what really got a hold of me were the faces, faces of people so culturally diverse and mystifying that brought me, to my great delight, to the discovery of the art of the portrait.

After accepting an offer to teach English so he could pursue his dream of adventure abroad in China, Chris Petrocchi discovered the art of the portrait instead through his intimate encounters with the friendly local residents of Yichang he encountered there.

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